BT’s popular Fibre 2 broadband is now £29.99/month and comes with a £50 BT Reward Card

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For those of you looking for the best broadband deals with superfast speeds, we’ve found an offer from BT that might be of interest to you.

Right now, you can get BT’s popular ‘Fibre 2’ package for the discounted price of £29.99 a month – down from the usual costs of £36.99p/m. However, you also don’t have to pay any upfront fees and if you sign up with our link you’re eligible to receive a bonus £50 BT Reward Card. 

The tariff has average download speeds of 74Mbps and unlimited data, and the broadband is supplied via the dependable Openreach network that BT uses. So with this, you can count on having a seamless experience when online. BT also says this package can allow you to ‘stream, game and download in HD on lots of devices at once’. You even get a 34Mbps ‘Stay Fast Guarantee’ for added peace of mind. 

To get this deal you just need to sign-up for a 24-month contract and when you’re up and running, you’ll get a £50 BT Reward Card which can be used anywhere that takes Mastercard.

You should note that this deal is broadband-only, so you don’t get a phone service included. You also need to be able to access BT’s fibre broadband network to get it – although, in some cases, you can get the same deal as a ‘Full Fibre’ version. BT also says that the package is subject to price increases from 31 March 2025. However, these are all things you can check directly with BT as and when you look to take out this particular deal.


More great reasons to choose BT Broadband

It’s no secret that BT is one of the UK’s top broadband providers. Every day it supplies millions of customers with quality internet services, but this is also thanks in part to the wealth of other great features it has to offer. 

Across BT’s other broadband deals you’ll see it has a big choice of tariffs to choose from, which can also suit the needs of pretty much all businesses and households. Whether it’s slower ADSL options, a selection of fibre ones (like our featured deal) and several Full Fibre packages, which top out at a huge 900Mbps. 

BT also is renowned for its dependability and its top customer services. The former – as we mentioned earlier – stemming from its use of the Openreach network. If we look to the latest industry data from Ofcom, we also see that BT is below the industry average (in a good way) when it comes to handling customer complaints. 

Another notable positive is the choice of broadband and TV bundles you can get. BT rivals others such as Sky and Virgin Media for such deals, as you can get channel packages that include all free-to-air listings, plus Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and, of course, TNT Sports. All this has also been boosted by its recent partnership with EE, where its bundles are now provided via EETV.

Despite all this, BT has seen some criticism for being expensive – and it’s fair to say, when there aren’t deals in place, it does sit at the more pricey end of the market. So if you’d prefer to look elsewhere for your next package, head over to our best broadband deals guide to see what you can get.

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