Conman Sukesh Chandrashekar Gives A Sneak Peek Into His Old WhatsApp Conversations With Jacqueline Fernandez

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Jacqueline Fernandes has been questioned multiple times by probe agencies (File)

New Delhi:

Conman Sukesh Chandrashekar, who is an accused in a ₹ 200 crore money laundering case, shared purported old WhatsApp conversations between him and actor Jacqueline Fernandez. This comes days after Sukesh claimed that dozens of “leaked” WhatsApp messages between him and actor Jacqueline Fernandez are “fake” and alleged that the actor, who is also an accused in the case, is trying to “sensationalize” the chats.

“The chat you are seeing now is one of those days in 2021, where me and Jacky had a misunderstanding and thereafter, in the chat, you can see her asking for forgiveness and her love for me, irrespective of any kind of misunderstanding,” the conman claimed.

The conman also shared a handwritten card which he claims was written by Ms Fernandez which reads “I am yours forever…Love Botta Bomma”.

He claimed that this is just a “teaser” and he has “hundreds of chats and voice recordings, video chats which will be revealed to Investigation Agency”, adding that “you left me with no choice”.

Sukesh, who had claimed that the actor suppressed multiple facts in connection with the ₹ 200 crore extortion case, further went on to claim that the “authenticity of the chats and handwritten card is very much available with Enforcement Directorate and they have verified it, so no one can claim this to be otherwise.

“Also, additionally, I am handing over the original drive from WhatsApp cloud data in regard to me and Jacky for investigation, which was kept as a secret till today,” he claimed, adding that the handwriting can also be “easily verified”, “matched” and “compared with Ms Fernandez’s handwritten statement given to ED.”

Earlier, Jacqueline Fernandez approached the court and said the coverage of chats or letters by the media, which are sent by him, is creating a distressing situation for her.

Sukesh Chandrashekar has sought a detailed investigation by the CBI in the case and alleged that his voice has been “cloned” using Artificial Intelligence and “chats have been created” after he threatened to expose her.

The conman said he had approached the Delhi High Court over the messages on WhatsApp and Webex in August for an investigation and the court ordered a detailed investigation in which it was concluded that no messages were sent by him.

Ms Fernandes has been questioned multiple times by probe agencies in the laundering case against the conman. The actor has filed a petition before the Delhi High Court to quash the case and a supplementary chargesheet against her. She has said she is “an innocent victim” of Chandrashekar’s “maliciously targeted attack”.

The Enforcement Directorate has opposed the petition, saying that the actor has not refuted the allegations that she received gifts worth ₹ 7.12 crore from Chandrashekar and gifts worth ₹ 1.12 crore were delivered to her sister in Sri Lanka. There are allegations of receiving proceeds of crime and retaining them, and these are sufficient to attract money laundering proceedings, the probe agency’s counsel said.

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