Cops hint at more arrests in Princeton trafficking, no. of victims could be 50 | India News

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Police officers in Princeton, Texas, have told US media channels that the number of victims in the human trafficking case in which four Indians, including three Telugus, have been arrested could touch 50. Officers also hinted at more arrests.
So far 15 victims have been identified but their names have been withheld by police. Reports in local newspapers and TV channels said the 15 victims found in the Ginsburg Lane residence of arrested couple Santhosh Katkoori and Dwaraka Gunda in Collin County were between 23 and 26 years of age.
The Princeton Herald, meanwhile, published a statement by Katkoori’s attorney, Jeremy Rosenthal, who disputed police claims of “forced labour” against the couple and two others.”These workers are in the IT field and nothing about this is forced labour,” Rosenthal said.
“Princeton police department has taken a ‘shoot first, aim later’ approach. They claim to have seized computers, studied the details of the operation and then made the arrests,” Rosenthal was quoted as saying.
Accused took 20% cut from salaries of victims: Cops
We are not privy to details of the investigation but I am sure we will find even more inconsistencies because Santhosh Katkoori is innocent of human trafficking, his attorney said.
Officers said accused would give women and men training in computer programming and after their internship place them in shell companies ‘run by Katkoori’. For this the couple would take 20% cut from salaries of victims working as programmers, officials said in the arrest affidavit. The women rescued from the Katkoori home are believed to have told police that they were brought to Princeton for an “internship” & learn JavaScript.
Princeton police on July 8 charged the accused with human trafficking and second-degree felony.

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