Experts’ panel recommends setting up integrated agricultural and horticultural university in Mandya

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The bifurcation of the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bengaluru (UAS-B) appears to be imminent as the experts’ committee set up by the State government has recommended setting up a new integrated university of agriculture and horticulture sciences at V.C. Farm in Mandya by including some of the districts that currently come under the UAS-B.

Following concerns raised by some experts to the proposal of carving out a new Mandya University of Agriculture Sciences by bifurcating the UAS-Bengaluru, the government constituted an experts’ committee to study the feasibility.

The committee led by former UAS-B Vice-chancellor Rajendraprasad recommended that instead of an agriculture university, the proposed one should be an integrated one. It has also recommended that the proposed university should include the districts of Mandya, Mysuru, Chamarajanagar, and Hassan from UAS-B and Kodagu from UAHS-Shivamogga under its jurisdiction.

The committee has recommended that the UAS-B, whose geographical jurisdiction would now be reduced to six districts from the earlier 10, should also be converted into an integrated university of agriculture and horticulture sciences.

Similarly, it recommended that the other universities — UAS-Dharwad, UAS-Raichur and University of Horticultural Sciences-Bagalkote — should also be turned into integrated universities in a phased manner.

The main basis for granting the new agricultural and horticultural university in Mandya by the experts’ committee is that the Mysuru revenue division — which includes Mandya — is the only division in the state without any agriculture, horticulture or veterinary university.

Also, it observed that creating additional seats in the realm of agriculture and horticulture sciences by setting up a new university is necessary in the wake of nearly one lakh students applying for admission to these seats.

The experts’ committee said the proposed university in Mandya would require a total financial requirement of ₹285.89 crore, which includes a one-time financial requirement of ₹207 crore. It also estimated the requirement of 797 staff with an annual financial outlay of ₹ 56.65 crore. Of them, 308 are already available under the existing institutions.

The committee observed that the Karnataka Agricultural Universities Act will have to be amended to make way for the establishment of the new university.

The other members of the committee are UAS-Dharwad Vice-chancellor P. L. Patil, retired registrar of UAS-B A. B. Patil, retired administrative officer of UAS-B Dr. K. M. Harini Kumar and retired joint secretary of the Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms Chandrahas G. Talukara while UAS-Dharwad’s Director of Education V. R. Kiresur is the member secretary.

Expert committee’s recommendations

* The proposed Mandya university will have both agriculture and horticulture streams

* It will include the districts of Mandya, Mysuru, Chamarajanagar, Hassan, and Kodagu

* The number of districts of UAS-B will now reduce to six from 10

* UAS-B too should become an integrated university now

* UAS-Dharwad, UAS-Raichur, and UHS-Bagalkote should become integrated ones in a phased manner

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