GTA 6 release date prompts Xbox to reconsider 2025 launch schedule, confirms Microsoft.

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The year 2025 is shaping up to be significant for the gaming industry. Alongside major game releases, a new console is reportedly set to launch. This has developers wary of overlapping their release dates.

Surge in Gaming Showcases

Recent weeks have seen a surge in gaming showcases, including events like the Summer Game Fest and Nintendo Direct, generating excitement among gamers for upcoming titles.

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One notable event was the Xbox Games Showcase, which many viewers praised as the best event of the year. However, viewers also noticed a common theme: many upcoming titles had vague release dates.

Anticipation and Uncertainty

Highly anticipated games such as the Perfect Dark reboot, Doom: The Dark Ages, and Fable were all given tentative 2025 release dates, leaving fans uncertain about their actual arrival.

This uncertainty was addressed in a recent interview with Matt Booty, Xbox’s president of gaming content and studios, on Variety’s Strictly Business podcast. During the interview, Booty was asked about the vague release dates and whether they were influenced by the anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 6, expected in Fall 2025.

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“I think many across the industry are planning around GTA 6, and we’re all looking forward to that game,” Booty responded.

Internal Competition

This response aligns with the high anticipation surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6, which has been building for over a decade since the last instalment. Fans are eager to return to the dynamic world created by Rockstar Games.

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Booty also mentioned that Xbox aims to avoid internal competition when scheduling major releases.

“For us, the issue is ensuring we don’t step on our own toes. We have a large portfolio and a significant lineup through the fall and spring. We want to make sure every game has the space to shine,” Booty explained.

In short, the gaming industry is closely monitoring the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, with companies like Xbox strategizing to avoid conflicts and ensure their titles receive proper attention.

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