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NEW DELHI: The road transport ministry has suggested a framework of online reporting of accidents by drivers soon after the incident to avoid applicability of “hit-and-run” provisions of the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS) and save them from potential mob fury. The home ministry will have the final say, a top transport ministry official said.
Drivers fleeing from sites and not informing police are liable for up to seven year jail and fine as per the BNS.Though the law has not been enforced yet, truck, bus and taxi drivers have protested against the provision causing disruptions in the supply chain. The Centre has assured trucker and transporters organisation to consult them before enforcing this provision.
Responding to a question on the steps that the government can take to address the fears of heavy and commercial vehicle drivers, Union road transport secretary Anurag Jain said any driver fleeing from the spot after causing an accident that leaves people injured or dead is a serious issue. “Some concerns of truckers are also genuine; like if they stop there their vehicle may be set on fire and they may have to face mob fury. So, we can use technology to find some solution to this. We are working on them. One of the solutions we have suggested is that the parties can report about the accident on their online platform and it will not be treated as a hit-and-run case. The driver can inform about the incident at a police station 25-50 km away from the site,” he said. Jain said since there is also a fear that drivers can be held for hit-and-run before they have been able to report the case at a police station, there can be a provision for them to call on a helpline number. He added that the final call on this issue has to be taken by the home ministry. Officials said the section 106 (2) of BNS, which deals with the hit-and-run cases, also specifies that one doesn’t have to inform the police from the crash site and so the drivers can inform police by calling the helpline number or informing a police station as per their convenience. They said the main intention is to ensure that the victims get quick medical care.

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