Movavi Video Editor makes creating content a breeze with AI-powered tools

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The barrier to entry for content creation can be surprisingly high. Despite widespread access to video platforms and built-in audiences, there’s still a learning curve to creating high-quality content that viewers want to see and engage with. Creative productivity doesn’t have to be a limiting factor in becoming a successful content creator, however. With Video Editor by Movavi, anybody with a story to tell can create video content with ease by harnessing the power of AI editing tools. 

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Movavi Video Editor offers three beginner-friendly video editing tools that utilize AI technology to create professional-quality videos so you can tell your story to your audience, your way. Features like AI Background Removal can let you punch up your video content with just a few quick steps. Import your video to Movavi and simply select the Background removal tool from the editor’s menu. Movavi can give you the freedom to be as quick or as precise with selecting your background as you see fit. Once the background is selected, simply click “Remove” and the AI takes over from there. Of course, then you’re going to want to add a new background to replace the old, and Movavi makes that easy, as well. Insert a new video or image of your own or pick one from Movavi’s ready-to-use media gallery.

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