Napoleon’s son Dhanoosh got engaged to a girl from Tirunelveli over a video call | Tamil Movie News

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Video footage of actor Napoleon‘s elder son, Dhanoosh, getting engaged has surfaced online. The unique ceremony took place over a video call, with Dhanoosh in America and his fiancée in Tirunelveli.
Napoleon recently arranged the engagement of his 25-year-old son, Dhanoosh. Due to Dhanoosh’s health issues, which make traveling by plane difficult, therefore the ceremony was conducted virtually.Dhanoosh confirmed his engagement by posting a video on Instagram, which has garnered significant attention. The bride-to-be, Akshaya, is from Tirunelveli, and the engagement was held in her hometown. The video has gone viral, with netizens and cinema stars extending their congratulations to the couple. The wedding of Napolean’s son Dhanoosh is likely to happen in a few months, while the actor-politician has planned to invite several leading stars and politicians from Tamil Nadu for the grand wedding of his son.

Napoleon, known for his roles as both a villain and a protagonist in films, has also been active in politics, serving as a Union Minister. Due to his son’s health, Napoleon settled in America with his family. He and his wife, Jayasudha, have two sons, Dhanoosh and Kunal. Dhanoosh was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of four and initially received traditional medical treatment near Tirunelveli. After Dhanoosh’s health improved, the family moved to America. Napoleon now runs a business and practices organic farming there.

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