Navy keeps tabs in Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden after attacks | India News

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NEW DELHI: The Indian Navy continues to closely monitor the maritime security situation in the vast region stretching from the north and central Arabian Sea to the Gulf of Aden, which has witnessed stepped-up piracy and drone attacks on merchant vessels transiting through international shipping lanes in recent days.
“Indian warships and patrol aircraft remain mission-deployed for maintaining enhanced surveillance and undertaking maritime security operations in the region,” a Navy officer said.
“In the last one week, Indian naval task groups have investigated a large number of fishing and other vessels, and even boarded some for a first-hand look. The long-range P-8I patrol aircraft and drones are also undertaking persistence surveillance over the region,” he added.
The Navy’s Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC) at Gurugram, is also keeping track of merchant vessels in the region, especially the Indian-flagged ones.

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