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LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh Police headquarters on Friday issued a directive instructing police personnel on duty during their deployment at Ram consecration ceremony on January 22 not to carry smartphones. This move aims to tighten security and address concerns about potential lapses in focus and protocol, the senior police officers at the DGP headquarters in Lucknow said.
Director General, Law and Order, Prashant Kumar said that smartphones can be a distraction, diverting personnel’s attention from their crucial security duties.
“By eliminating this distraction, the police aim to ensure that they remain fully alert and focused on their surroundings, minimizing the risk of security breaches,” he said.
Kumar further elaborated that the presence of smartphones can lead to unprofessional behaviour like taking unauthorized photos or videos, especially near dignitaries or restricted areas. This can compromise security protocols and raise concerns about privacy and confidentiality.
“Sensitive information or security footage captured on smartphones could potentially be leaked or misused if not handled responsibly. The ban aims to mitigate this risk and prevent unauthorized circulation of sensitive material,” he added.
Kumar said that the ban emphasizes the importance of discipline and unwavering focus on maintaining order and safety.
While describing the deployment of security ahead of consecration Kumar said that around 10,000 cops of different ranks will be deployed and there will be several rings of security. “We are working on it in association with different intel agencies and central paramilitary forces,” he said. He added that the same has been issued for those who will be deployed on duty on January 26, Republic Day celebrations.

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