Prague zoo celebrates rare birth of endangered species: Meet baby Chinese Pangolin

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Prague Zoo has welcomed its second critically endangered species, a Chinese pangolin, in less than two years. Born on July 1st, this female pangolin, following in the footsteps of her sister Cone, born last year, is thriving under zoo care. Weighing just 141 grams at birth, she is steadily gaining weight and could reach 250 grams this week. Adult Chinese pangolins can grow up to 6.8 kilograms.
The successful breeding is a significant milestone for Prague Zoo, which received Guo Bao and Run Hou Tang from Taipei Zoo in 2022.Initially aimed at ensuring their survival and well being, zoo director Miroslav Bobek expressed amazement at the unexpected birth of two pangolin offspring within such a short timeframe.
Originally from southern China and Southeast Asia, Chinese pangolins face severe threats from poaching due to their scales and meat. Breeding them in captivity is challenging, requiring specialised diets and precise environmental conditions.
Prague Zoo, now one of only two in Europe to house Chinese pangolins, undertook this conservation effort following a decision to collaborate with Taipei after severing ties with Beijing in 2020. This move, part of a sister city agreement with Taipei, has sparked diplomatic tensions with China, which considers Taiwan its territory.

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