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Equal parenting is getting quite a fire especially now that more and more women are joining the active workforce and are independent. But what does equal parenting actually mean? It simply means both the parents are responsible for the basic needs of the children and joined effort is needed.

Actor Shahid Kapoor was asked about his stand on equal parenting during promotion of one of his films.

The actor’s answer won a lot of hearts for its genuinity and honesty. He had said that no one can do what mothers do and they are literally like ground beneath your feet, you won’t realise it’s worth till it’s gone. He added that the bond between mother-child is far superior than any relation in the universe for its purity and unconditional love.

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Talking about his parental duties, he had shared that he does his best while doing his care for children but he can’t do what his wife Mira does for the children. He had said, “My kids love me a lot and perhaps I am their favourite, a little more than Mira. But I have seen how when Mira goes away, their functioning gets hindered.”
Known as one of the most stylish and loved couples in Bollywood, both Shahid and Mira serve relationship and parenting goals making fans swoon over them.
In one of the previous conversations, Mira had said how she and Shahid both believe in equal parenting and how much Shahid supports her in the journey.
The role of mothers in children’s life is really important as the mother fulfils much more than just responsibilities towards the child. As women are known to have more emotional quotient than the men, mothers tend to provide unconditional love and support in any way possible. Mothers understand what her children are going through and will try her absolute best to come up with the solution which will be beneficial for the kids.

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