SpinTel’s ripper NBN 250 deal is cheaper than most NBN 100 plans

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Finding a great-value NBN plan has become a little trickier since July 1, when NBN Co raised wholesale prices on many plans. But one internet service provider that continues to offer fantastic bang for buck – despite the increase in costs – is SpinTel. As a key example, while the telco’s super-popular NBN 250 plan has had a slight price increase of AU$4 per month, even with that bump it’s still frankly ridiculously good value, with a regular monthly price that’s cheaper than many NBN 100 plans – while offering twice the speed. 

Coming in at just AU$79 a month for the first six months before reverting to a regular ongoing price of AU$89.95p/m, the most you’ll pay in a year for SpinTel’s NBN 250 plan is AU$1,079.40. That’s around AU$200 cheaper per year (or AU$16.50 per month) compared to the average NBN 250 price.

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