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I could never ever forget Sunil’s birthday.
I remember it from 25 years ago when his birthday fell on the day after my (elder) son’s (Omar Iqbal) wedding. A secret birthday bash was being planned for his 50th, because of which he could not attend the wedding. So, every time my son’s wedding anniversary comes along, I know that there are celebrations taking place the next day somewhere else as well!
Sunil has moved from 50 to 75 in the same seamless way as he did on the cricket pitch, although there, once he got to 50, he moved much beyond 75! As the technically most perfect batsman of my era, that would not be a surprise to anyone who saw him play; and those who did not have that privilege missed seeing a display of the essence of batsmanship.
There was a calmness, a serenity and an effortlessness about his batting that brought it as close to perfection as is perhaps humanly possible. There are those who say that cricket reflects the moods and vagaries of life itself and Sunil’s batting proves that hypothesis so marvellously. The perfect harmony in his batting reflected the harmony in his character which produced the perfect gentleman.
For a man who achieved such heights, it is rare to be without pride or hubris of any sort, an d yet Sunil was such a man. The balance in his batting is reflected by the balance and fairness in the man, the dedication and insight he brought to his batting being reflected now in his second incarnation as a TV pundit.
Sunil has been an outstanding sportsman, but much more importantly, he has been an outstanding human being. It has been a privilege to have shared a cricket field with him, and an even greater privilege to have him as a dear and valued friend. And given the ease with which he so often moved from 75 to 100 on the field, the next 25 years should be a doddle for him.
Happy Birthday, Sunil. Looking forward to the 100th!
(The former Pakistan Test skipper spoke to Gaurav Gupta).

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