‘They violated Islamic values’: Taliban arrest women for wearing ‘bad hijab’ in Afghanistan

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NEW DELHI: The Taliban are now arresting women in Kabul for wearing “bad hijab” as they seek to tighten the strict female dress code norms in Afghanistan.
The latest development adds to the mounting challenges faced by Afghan women and girls, who are already facing bans on education, employment and access to public spaces.
The spokesman from the vice and virtue ministry, Abdul Ghafar Farooq, didn’t say how many women have been arrested or what constitutes “bad hijab“.
Farooq said the women were arrested three days ago.
The crack down highlights the austere rules enforced by the Taliban since coming to power in 2021, which are similar to those prevailing in neighbouring Iran, which has enforced mandatory hijab for decades.
In May 2022, the Taliban issued a decree calling for women to only show their eyes and recommending they wear the head-to-toe burqa, similar to restrictions during the Taliban’s previous rule between 1996 and 2001.
The Taliban spokesman told AP that the ministry had been hearing complaints about women wearing improper hijab in Kabul for the last two or so years.
Following the complaints, the ministry had made recommendations to women and advised them to strictly follow the dress code.
He said that female police officers were sent to arrest the women after they failed to follow the ministry’s advice.
“These are the few limited women who spread bad hijab in Islamic society,” he said.
“They violated Islamic values and rituals, and encouraged society and other respected sisters to go for bad hijab.”
Police will refer the matter to judicial authorities or the women will be released on strict bail, Farooq said.
“In every province, those who go without hijab will be arrested,” he warned.
(With inputs from AP)

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