TMC MP Saugata Roy Claims He Received Death Threats From Jayant Singh’s Aide Over Phone

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TMC MP Saugata Roy said he received a threat call at 3 am. (Image: PTI)

TMC strongman Jayant Singh was arrested last week for beating up a teenager and his mother in public view.

Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy on Thursday said that he received threat calls from someone mentioning the name of strongman Jayant Singh, who is in the middle of controversies after videos of his aides torturing people went viral. Speaking to News18, Saugata Roy said, “I got a call at 3 am and was stunned, the caller said that I have to take initiative to release Jayant, otherwise they will shoot me. I am stunned. I have given the number from which the call came to the Commissioner of Police of Barrackpore.”

Sources said that Roy got a threat call twice. The TMC leader told News18 that the call with the mention of Jayant’s name came as surprise to him.

The police have started investigation into the issue. Barrackpore CP Alok Rajoria told News18, “He has informed us and we are investigating this matter in detail.”

TMC strongman Jayant Singh was arrested last week for beating up a teenager and his mother in public view. A number of videos of Jayant Singh and his close aides have surfaced (not verified), which show how he has been a strongman and the atrocities he inflicted upon people.

The ruling party has been under immense pressure from the Opposition as Singh’s videos come days after another TMC strongman Tajimul Haque, alias JCB was seen beating up a couple in West Bengal’s Chopra. The Opposition has accused the Mamata Banerjee government of protecting “people like Jayant”.

Jayant is known to be close to TMC MLA Madan Mitra. Several photos of Jayant and Madan Mitra and his family have gone viral. Mitra, however, has distanced himself from Jayant and said other people are close to him.

Saugata Roy, too, hails from the same area and a section of people has alleged that the TMC MP, too, has good relations with Jayant. However, questions are being asked if that is true after Roy claimed to have received a threat in Jayant’s name.

The Trinamool has said that the administration has taken strong steps against Jayant and he has been arrested under strict sections of criminal laws. Barrackpur Police Commissioner, in a press conference, had stated, “We are taking prompt action regarding these matters. Barrackpore Police Commissionerate will not tolerate any such activities.”

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