‘Tremendous change’: Chinese state media lauds India’s economic growth, foreign policy under PM Modi | India News

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NEW DELHI: India has become more strategically confident and more proactive in creating and developing a “Bharat narrative” under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an article in China’s state-run Global Times has said.
In an opinion piece on Global Times, Zhang Jiadong, the director of the Center for South Asian Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, praised India for making significant strides in the spheres of economic, social governance and foreign policy under PM Modi.
“Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed power, he has advocated for a multi-alignment strategy, promoting India’s relations with the US, Japan, Russia and other countries and regional organizations,” the article said.
The author noted that India’s domestic and foreign situation have changed tremendously compared to four years ago.
It said that India’s strategic thinking in foreign policy has undergone another change and is clearly moving toward a “great power strategy”.
Citing recent examples, the author observed that India distanced itself from the West and aligned itself more closely to the developing world vis-a-vis the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
“At the same time, India’s reservations about Western powers have significantly diminished, and its activities within Western countries have become more frequent, extending beyond organizing large-scale diaspora events,” he added.
When it comes to politics and culture, India has shifted its focus from aligning with Western democratic ideals to highlighting the distinctiveness of its own democratic framework, the author noted.
This shift, the author asserted, reflects India’s ambition to escape its historical colonial shadow and act as a “world mentor”, both politically and culturally.
The article further noted that India is rapidly transforming itself toward a strategy of becoming a pole in the multipolar world.
“India has always considered itself a world power. However, it has only been less than 10 years since India shifted from multi-balancing to multi-alignment, and now it is rapidly transforming toward a strategy of becoming a pole in the multipolar world. The speed of such changes is rarely seen in the history of international relations,” he said.
The article conluded that a “transformed, stronger, and more assertive” India has become a new geopolitical factor that many countries need to consider.

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