Watch: Passenger sends Newark-bound United Airlines plane in tizzy after biting chunk out of attendant’s uniform

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A United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing after an unruly passenger, seemingly inspired by Al Pacino’s character in “Scarface”, took a dangerous turn by biting a flight attendant‘s shirt on the Newark-bound plane. The irate passenger threw punches and spat on others during the altercation, which was captured in cellphone videos that was obtained by several local media sources.
During the scuffle, the woman thrashed her head around before biting into the male flight attendant’s shirt and tearing pieces of cloth off.After being restrained by crew and passengers, she was moved to another seat where she continued to rant using explicit language.

The uncouth passenger unleashed a tirade, criticizing the airline and verbally attacking another passenger with profanity-laced insults, including derogatory remarks.
‘Don’t come on f–king United Airlines, these people have an attitude problem, they don’t do their f–king jobs.’
‘Old lady, who are you talking to? Go back to f–king Russia,’ the passenger shouted. ‘Suck my d–k, bitch. I’ll f–king kill you, b—h.’
The flight, which departed from Miami International Airport at 5 38 pm., diverted around an hour into the journey and landed at Orlando International Airport at 7 13 pm, according to FlightAware.
United Airlines Flight 762 was diverted to Orlando International Airport due to the disruptive passenger, who was escorted off by police as other passengers applauded.
The cause of the scuffle, reportedly related to a restroom issue, led to verbal and physical altercations with other passengers, according to witnesses quoted by the New York Post.
‘She apparently verbally and then physically attacked a family in the back of the plane after not being able to go to the bathroom at one moment.’
‘The kids were screaming — not as loud as her though… I remember when I used to act like this at age 2 or 3 when I didn’t get ice cream,’ another witness was quoted as saying

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