3 immunity-boosting Kiwi recipes for monsoon season

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Kiwi is a versatile fruit with many nutritional benefits. Rich in Vitamin C, it is a powerful antioxidant and its sweet, tangy flavor is a treat to the taste buds. Not sure how to enjoy a kiwi besides eating it raw? Juices, smoothies, mocktails – the fruit can be used for several interesting and flavourful creations. Chef Neha Deepak shares four recipes to make the most of the exotic fruit.

Kiwi Fizz
2 sliced Chilean kiwi
2 tbsp honey (you can add any sweetener of your choice)
Some mint leaves
700 ml water
1/4 cup ginger bug
Use a muslin cloth to strain the juice.It should be as clear as possible.
Once you bottle this, ferment it for 2 days at room temperature and then refrigerate it.
Serve it chilled with some sliced kiwi
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Kiwi Mocktail
2 kiwi
2-4 ice cubes
1 lemon slice
1 glass lime soda
Fresh mint, lemon and kiwi slice for garnishing
In the bottom of a glass, crush one fourth of a kiwi.
Top with ice and lemon/lime soda.
Serve with fresh mint and a slice of lemon and kiwi.

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Kiwifruit and Lemon Slushies
7 Chilean kiwi
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
4 cups water
Light agave syrup to taste
Crushed ice
1 lemon cut into thin half rounds
Peel the kiwifruits. Place 4 peeled kiwifruits into the blender and reserve 3 remaining fruits for garnish.
Add lemon juice, water and 1/3 cup agave syrup to the blender. Pulse to combine. Taste and add additional agave as desired.
Slice the remaining kiwifruit into thin half-rounds.
Fill 4 glasses with crushed ice, sliced kiwifruit and lemon slices. Pour kiwi-lemon puree over the top.

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