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GURGAON: A leopard strayed into a densely populated village in Narsinghpur, just off the Delhi-Jaipur highway, on Wednesday morning, triggering chaos as the big cat ran amok for hours trying to find a way out, till he was confined to a house and tranquilised.
On its way, the adult leopard ran into a 13-year-old boy and attacked him. The boy is being treated for bite wounds and is stable.
Several families had a narrow escape as the panicked animal rushed into at least four houses.Locals said they spotted the leopard at 6.30am. The animal slipped into a ground floor house, from where it jumped into a two-bedroom house, whose occupants managed to rush to their terrace just in time.
Wildlife officials drilled holes to fire tranquiliser darts at trapped leopard
The leopard that strayed into a densely populated Gurgaon village on Wednesday had been often spotted in the vicinity over the past month. Wildlife department officials said they had set up traps set up in narrow lanes of the village had not yielded any results.
After rushing in and out of two houses, the leopard again hopped into another, where it attacked a boy who was fetching water from the washroom. As the boy started screaming, neighbours came running and started pelting stones at the leopard, who then climbed a wall and escaped into a fourth house.
Eventually, this single-storey house with two rooms and a kitchen was surrounded by the villagers. The wildlife department team reached the colony by 9.30am and sealed all the exits to the house where the cat was trapped.
They then began drilling holes into the wall of the house to fire tranquiliser darts inside.
The first two darts did not sedate the animal, so the team, after an hour of waiting, fired another. One official then went into the house and saw that the leopard was slowly losing consciousness, but he was still moving around.
It was at 12.53pm that officials, certain that the leopard was sedated, put the animal in a cage and took him to a treatment centre in Sohna.
“We had been patrolling the area for the past month and we had deputed staff in villages along the Dwarka Expressway to comb the area after the sightings. Our team had also stationed cages with baits,” said wildlife inspector Rajesh Chahal.
Additional principal chief conservator of forest and conservator of wildlife (south Haryana) M S Mallik said veterinarians will check the leopard’s health and later release it back into the Aravalis.
Locals said it was the first time a leopard had forayed into the packed urban village.
“The leopard was first spotted at Nafe Singh’s house. He then moved to Rajender Bhati’s place. By then people had started raising an alarm and calling each other. He got scared of the noise and ran and hid at Devi Lal’s house, where he attacked a boy. Luckily, no one was inside Satvir Tanvar’s house when the animal went inside,” said Ram Vir Singh, village sarpanch.
Another resident Roshni Devi said she dragged her cattle inside her house and locked the doors as soon as she heard about the leopard.
“I was in the kitchen. We had just finished tea and I was about to prepare breakfast when I saw the leopard. People were screaming. It was all unbelievable. We just ran inside and bolted our doors,” Devi said.
Surrounded by the Aravalis, Narsinghpur falls in a green belt that makes for a rich habitat for leopard and other wild animals, the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) had said in a 2017 report.

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