7-year-old girl is lone serious casualty of Iran’s barrage

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The hospital waiting room was quiet on Sunday: Israel‘s air defences had just fended off a large-scale Iranian attack, with only one serious casualty recorded. Amina al-Hasoni, 7, was clinging to life. And were it not for systemic inequities in Israel, her relatives said, maybe she too could have been spared. There are roughly 300,000 Arab Bedouins in the Negev desert.About one-quarter of them live in villages that are not recognised by Israeli officials. Few have access to bomb shelters. When rocket warning sirens went off Saturday night, Amina’s uncle Ismail said there was nowhere to go. A missile fragment ripped through the home’s thin metal roof, shearing a hole with sharp metallic edges. It made impact just in front of the door – which is where Amina was knocked unconscious. “I think it hit her while she was running away,” Ismail said. The Hasoni home is not far from a military base, Nevatim, that was reportedly a target of the Iranian assault and that Israeli officials said was lightly damaged.

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