Apple launches free password manager app- Challenges third party password managers with enhanced features

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Apple has unveiled a new password manager app during its WWDC 2024 event, aiming to establish itself as the primary choice for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users seeking to manage their passwords. The new app, called Passwords, was showcased during the annual WWDC keynote and is available for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia (macOS 15).

Enhanced Password Management

Passwords serves as an extension of Apple’s iCloud Keychain feature, allowing users to store and auto-fill various private information, including usernames, passwords, credit card details, security codes, and Wi-Fi passwords. The app offers enhanced capabilities, enabling users to efficiently manage their passwords across multiple accounts, all at no cost for Apple device owners.

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Key Features of Passwords App

Key features of the Passwords app include simplified access to credentials for different online accounts, the generation of verification codes, and security alerts akin to those found in authenticator apps. It ensures seamless synchronisation across devices, with newly created passwords automatically syncing to the app. While rumours suggested a potential Windows version, its availability remains unconfirmed by Apple at this time.

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Privacy Enhancements in iOS 18

In addition to password management, iOS 18 introduces privacy enhancements, including the ability to lock and hide specific apps from unauthorised users. This feature, known as Lock an App, provides added security when sharing devices, while Hide an App offers discreet usage for individual apps on iPhones.

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The introduction of Apple’s free Passwords app poses a potential challenge to third-party password manager services like 1Password, Dashlane, and LastPass. While these services offer additional security tools such as password generation and dark web monitoring, Apple’s entry into the market may entice iPhone users to migrate from paid services. Nonetheless, established password managers continue to offer unique features, indicating ongoing competition in the password management landscape.

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