Bababudangiri case: Karnataka Chief Minister clarifies on BJP’s claims

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Refuting allegations that the case pertaining to the destruction of a grave around Bababudangiri shrine was being reopened, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Thursday clarified that the allegation was “misrepresented and a lie” being fermented by the BJP.

“Summons have been issued by the court to the accused as part of the normal process of law in the case registered in 2017. On March 19, 2020, permission was sought from the government for inquiry. Based on this, the government gave permission on September 7, 2023,” the Chief Minister said in a statement here.

He further said that the chargesheet was filed before the court on October 24, and summons have been issued as part of the due process of law. The summons to the accused to appear before the court on January 8 has been issued by the court, he said, adding that the procedure followed is common for all in the legal process. “It is wrong and a lie to say that the government has reopened the case,” he said.


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