BJP Leader Gets Broken Footrest On Air India Flight, Airline Reacts

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The airline later added that their team is investigating the matter.

BJP leader Sudhanshu Mittal took to X on Sunday to criticise Air India saying it has the “most pathetic business class ever”. Notably, Mr Mittal was travelling from New Delhi to Dubai with his wife on April 14 and had booked business-class tickets on an Air India flight. However, when the couple boarded the flight, they were disappointed with the ”old, broken, dilapidated” cabin and seats on the plane. They also found that the footrest of one of the seats was broken. 

Mr Mittal alleged that when he raised the issue with the cabin crew, the ”commercial officer was completely rude and tried to offload them.”

In his tweet, he shared several videos from the plane and wrote, ”Me and my wife boarded AI 917 Delhi to Dubai today morning at 930 am, firstly it is the most pathetic business class ever, old, broken, dilapidated. At the time of booking a new plane with a cabin was shown. The footrest of 2A is broken on the complaint the commercial officer was completely rude and tried to offload us. The flight is already more than one hour late.”

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Air India replied to his complaint, saying that they tried connecting with him over a call but could not reach him. 

”Dear Mr Mittal, we tried calling you, however, the call wasn’t answered. Kindly DM ( ) is a convenient time, so we may connect with you again,” the tweet read.

The airline later added that their team is investigating the matter. ”Dear Mr. Mittal, we regret to hear about your experience. Our team is investigating this matter and will take appropriate actions to prevent such occurrences in the future. We value your feedback and hope for another opportunity to serve you better,” the tweet read. 

Several internet users also shared similar experiences with Air India’s service. One user wrote, ”I got lied to and feel badly cheated by AI too. I Flew recently on business class from Delhi to Seoul and before boarding, I was told my biz seat was broken so instead promised an upgrade voucher plus 75% refund as no other biz seat was vacant. But they not refuse to give me that voucher.”

Another commented, ”Nowadays a new normal has started with the airlines. Any unpleasing question, request or argument and they will be ready to offload you from the plane. Can’t this also be termed as intolerance?”

A third added, ”If this can happen to a VIP what to expect for a common man? The deficiency in facilities can be understood but staff being rude is unpardonable.”

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