BRS to rectify its mistakes, says KTR

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BRS working president K.T. Rama Rao has admitted that some mistakes have occurred on the part of the party for the Assembly elections and an internal action plan has been prepared to rectify them. The party also plans to overcome shortcomings by making changes in its outreach approach.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday after holding the preparatory meeting of the Adilabad parliamentary constituency for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Mr. Rama Rao said that the feedback the party leadership was getting from the field was that both the party ranks and the people were still yet to come to terms with the unexpected defeat of BRS in the Assembly elections.

In spite of the defeat with about 2% vote difference compared to the Congress, the BRS was able to win one-third of the Assembly seats, Mr. Rama Rao said, adding that the party had lost another 10 seats by small margins. Parliament seat-wise, the party had polled more votes than rival parties in seven Lok Sabha constituency limits, he stated. Perhaps, it was the reason that had saved the party ranks from demoralising badly.

Stating that about 500 leaders from the Adilabad parliamentary constituency had participated in the preparatory meeting, Mr. Rama Rao said about 170 of them had given suggestions in writing with a few of them he went through during the meeting and they were of the view that the leadership should have laid more focus on strengthening the party.

Apart from discussing about the mistakes, shortcomings and changes, the meeting also dwelled into how to rectify the mistakes, not to repeat them in the forthcoming Lok Sabha and local bodies elections. Mr. Rama Rao stated that those who attended the meeting were given two booklets published by the party – one (“Congress 420 promises”) on pre-poll promises made by the Congress and another (“sweda patram”) on the assets/wealth created by the 10-year BRS rule in the State.

The booklets would be given to all party activists so that they could take them widely into people, Mr. Rama Rao said, alleging that the ruling party was trying to divert the people’s attention from them in the name of white papers and inquiries. He reminded it was they (BRS) who had demanded an inquiry into the allegations being made by the Congress against the previous BRS rule.

The Assembly election had also proved the Congress propaganda of “B-team” as wrong as it was the BRS that had defeated the BJP bigwigs and BJP had defeated BRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao. Party leaders, including S. Niranjan Reddy, V. Prashanth Reddy, Kova Laxmi, Anil Jadhav, Jogu Ramanna and others, participated in the meeting that went on for over five hours.

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