CES 2024: iPhone with a physical keyboard? If you have iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, Clicks has a case

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Are you someone who likes to make your boring smartphone design fun and attractive? Then look elsewhere. However, in case you want to make your iPhone an even more useful gadget, especially when it comes to typing, then know all about what Clicks is getting set to unveil at the CES 2024. Clicks, a UK-based company, will be introducing a new typing accessory for iPhones that harks back to the old days of BlackBerry phones. The iPhone accessory will be revealed at the CES 2024 which is commencing on January 9, 2024. The iPhone accessory is actually a phone case that comes with a physical keyboard. Yes, you heard it right! With the new iPhone physical keyboard case, you will be able to experience a new way of using the iPhone. As of now, the iPhone is available for three devices, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Know what Clicks is planning with this new iPhone case.

Clicks’ new iPhone case

According to an Engadget report, Clicks is introducing a full physical keyboard case that can be attached to the iPhone whenever users want to experience the good old Blackberry days. The keyboard is positioned at the bottom of the case, therefore, it does not cover the screen of the iPhone, but its edges are just like any other phone case. However, the case has an elongated bottom where the physical keyboard is attached, so, this will allow users to type fast and more accurately and see everything on the display.

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The case or the physical keyboard can be connected through the iPhone’s charging port, however, it is not specified if it is compatible with lightning charge or USB-C charge port, or it may vary based on the iPhone model. The case’s keyboard also includes a backlight which will give the users freedom to type in dark or night places as well. With the physical keyboard iPhone case, users can easily navigate through various phone functionalities just like in the early days with keypad phones.

Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk, the founder of Clicks said, “We labored over every decision from exactly how the buttons should feel to the keyboard layout, ensuring it would be intuitive for iPhone users.”

The case is available in two color options: London Sky (Grey) and BumbleBee (yellow) which you can check on the Clicks website.

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