Chinese couple abandons baby with nanny for USD 55 million inheritance

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NEW DELHI: A Chinese couple left their baby with a nanny for 400 million yuan (USD 55 million) and later vanished, leaving the caregiver owed 110,000 yuan (US$15,000).
Hailing from Harbin, Heilongjiang province, in northeastern China, the couple abandoned their five-month-old child under the care of a hired nanny, failing to fulfill their financial commitments to her.This incident sparked intense debate online, with many speculating that the couple might not be the biological parents and that maybe they have used the child as part of a fraudulent scheme, South China Morning Post reported.
The couple, allegedly, claimed they were on the brink of receiving a substantial sum from the wife’s deceased former partner. However, they disappeared without a trace, leaving the nanny without payment for her services for several months, during which she even lent them 50,000 yuan.
The nanny, surnamed Yu, claimed, “I gave them all my savings, but since November last year, I haven’t received my salary. They owe me and the money I borrowed from my brother. Without any income, I’m still caring for their child.”
She presented evidence of financial transactions with the couple through WeChat. She stated that the couple claimed that they were in Tianjin which is quite perplexing. Yu further added they went to claim the inheritance left by the child’s mother’s boyfriend from a decade ago.In a bid to win the nanny’s confidence, the couple displayed screenshots they claimed depicted their impending inheritance, showcasing gold, luxury timepieces, and safety deposit boxes.
Additionally, they presented her with a photograph of a property ownership certificate, purportedly for a hotel in Harbin’s Daowai district, which they asserted would soon belong to them. Convinced by this “evidence,” she extended them another 8,000 yuan in loan.
However, upon attempting to contact the hotel using a phone number she found online, the staff denied knowledge of her employers’ names. Closer scrutiny of the property certificate photo revealed alterations in the text, as per the South China Morning Post.
Despite multiple attempts to reach her employers via phone and WeChat, all efforts have been futile, leaving the nanny unable to recover her losses.
The nanny’s predicament has ignited a fervent online debate, with many advising her to report the incident to the authorities, suspecting she may have fallen victim to an elaborate scam.

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