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BHUBANESHWAR: Odisha has added more than 7.54 lakh young voters (18-19 years of age) in the final Electoral Roll 2024 released by Nikunja Bihari Dhal, chief electoral officer (CEO), Odisha here on Friday. It is 2.27 percent of the total 3.32 crore voters of the state including 3380 transgenders.
Dhal told media persons that the state had added 5,45,401 young voters (1.72 percent of the total voters) in 2019.“But this time we have added more young voters. If we compare to the draft electoral roll published on October 27 last year, we have added 4,76,969 young voters within the last two months,” he added.
He said the state has added 5.81 lakh new voters (1.78 percent of the total voters) between October 27, 2023 and January 5, 2024. “We had added more than 12.97 lakh voters during the process, but we have deleted over 7.16 lakh voters due to death (3.75 lakh), permanently shifted (2.71 lakh) and the rest repeat registration,” he added.
Dhal said the gender ratio has also been increased. “Now the state has 972 women against 1000 male voters. It was 946 in 2019,” he added.
Official sources said more than one lakh prospective electors (17+ age group) have applied for inclusion with respect to April 1, July 1 and October 1 this year as qualifying dates. Their applications would be disposed during continuation updation, 2024, said an official.
Dhal said voter correction and addition is a continuous process. “If somebody has failed to enrol his/her name due to any problem, he/she can apply for inclusion of his/her name in the voters list,” he added.
On the issue of preparation, he said they have completed first level checking of electronic voting machines (EVM). “The most important thing is the publication of the electoral roll. We have published it now,” he added.
Next thing is procurement of different materials used for the election process. “Later we will train polling personnel for the upcoming election. We are very much on track as far as the polling preparedness is concerned,” said Dhal.
The CEO Odisha had conducted a meeting on Thursday with representatives of recognised political parties and discussed different election related issues. “I had told them that the electoral roll will be published on Friday. Later, hardcopy and softcopy of Electoral Roll 2024 will be distributed to the representatives of political parties at district level,” he added.

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