Ex UK PM Liz Truss Backs Donald Trump For US Presidential Race

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Liz Truss said Donald Trump was more aggressive towards Iran and China

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has endorsed Donald Trump for office ahead of the high-stakes US presidential elections.

Ms Truss, while speaking to BBC, said that the “world was safer” when Donald Trump was the president of the United States.

“I’m not saying that I agree with absolutely everything he’s ever said. But, I do agree that under Donald Trump when he was president of the United States, the world was safer,” she said.

Liz Truss said Trump was more aggressive towards Iran and China.  She also praised Mr Trump’s support for Ukraine.

On being asked if she would like to see Trump in the White House, “it has to be”, she told British news radio station LBC.

“He was more effective at preventing aggressive regimes expanding, and I think we’d be in a different position if he got reelected in 2020,” Truss said.

The endorsement comes as Donald Trump goes to court as the first US ex-president ever to be criminally prosecuted.

The 77-year-old is accused of falsifying business records in a scheme to cover up an alleged sexual encounter with adult film actress Stormy Daniels to shield his 2016 election campaign from adverse publicity.

Trump faces three other criminal cases centered on his hoarding of top-secret documents after leaving office and his alleged unprecedented attempt to overturn his 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden.

He is also the only American president to be impeached twice.

Joe Biden’s return to the White House, meanwhile, has been obstructed by majority voters believing he is too old to serve another four-year term.

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