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NEW DELHI: Amid reports of more violent imagery depicting the assassination of former PM Indira Gandhi in Canada, Canadian high commissioner Cameron MacKay asserted promotion of violence is never acceptable in Canada.
A float depicting the assassination was part of a parade marking the 40th anniversary of Operation Bluestar in Brampton. “The govt of Canada is aware of further imagery displayed in Brampton on Sunday.Canada’s position is clear: The promotion of violence is never acceptable in Canada,’’ said MacKay.
India has repeatedly said Canada’s refusal to act against Khalistan separatists is at the heart of the current strife in bilateral relations. The situation worsened last year after Canadian PM Justin Trudeau alleged Indian govt agents were involved in the killing of one such separatist and Canadian national Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Canada has so far arrested four men for the crime but not formally shared, according to Indian authorities, details about their involvement with India.

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