Google’s next foldable could be the Pixel 9 Pro Fold and finally get flagship specs

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Google may be shaking things up with the launch of the Pixel 9 series later this year because we could see four individual models, including a renamed Pixel 9 Pro Fold. This nugget of information comes from a “Google insider” who spoke to Android Authority. According to their source, the quartet consists of the base Pixel 9, the Pixel 9 Pro, a new Pixel 9 Pro XL, and the aforementioned foldable. Not much is known about the individual devices. Neither specs nor features were mentioned in the leak. However, all four together in the same lineup suggests they deliver similar performance, which will be a big deal for Pixel Fold fans in particular. 

You see, the original Pixel Fold was a bit of a disappointments. It’s still a solid smartphone, but the Tensor G2 chipset in the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7 series proved to be a dud. Performance is decent but not amazing, and phones with the Tensor G2 tend to have poor battery life. Plus, in our experience, those devices can run unusually hot. Remember, when it launched the Fold cost $1,800 in the US. You can’t fault people for wanting more.

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