GTA 5 to bid farewell to Xbox Game Pass! Departure date confirmed; Check now

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In a recent announcement from Microsoft, it has been officially disclosed that Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) will be bidding farewell to the Xbox Game Pass on Friday, January 5. The renowned game, which made its Game Pass debut on July 5, 2023, will conclude its six-month stint as an available title for subscribers. Unlike typical Game Pass additions, GTA 5’s inclusion had lacked the customary forewarning, surprising subscribers with its unannounced arrival. Furthermore, Rockstar titles, including GTA 5, have consistently departed on dates divergent from the usual 15th or last days of the month, setting them apart from the customary removal schedule of other Game Pass offerings.

GTA 5 to Bid Farewell

Long-time subscribers had anticipated GTA 5’s exit, as the game had been listed in the “Leaving Soon” section of the app a month prior. Despite initial assumptions that the departure would coincide with the turn of the year, GTA 5 persisted on the service beyond December 31. Speculations then shifted to a January 15 exit, only to be clarified that the game would, in fact, leave the service 10 days before that on January 5. With this looming date, Xbox Game Pass enthusiasts are encouraged to immerse themselves in GTA 5’s virtual world before it vanishes from the lineup- unless, of course, they opt to secure it permanently.

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January 5 marks the farewell of not only GTA 5 but also four additional games from Xbox Game Pass. Garden Story, MotoGP 22, Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden are set to bid adieu. On February 2, Persona 3 Reload will join Xbox Game Pass as a day-one release, offering a fresh perspective on the classic game and cushioning the blow of Persona 3 Portable’s departure.

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