Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel allocates Rs 455 cr to increase ease of living in towns, cities | India News

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AHMEDABAD: Gujarat chief minister Bhupendra Patel allocated Rs 455.35 crore for public welfare work to gradually increase the ease of living in cities and towns.
CM Patel allocated Rs 455.35 crore under the Golden Jubilee Chief Minister Urban Development Scheme, which was started by the Prime Minister in the year 2010 as the then Chief Minister, for organized and planned urban development.
Accordingly, with the presented proposal, CM Patel has allocated Rs 185.30 crore for a total of 69 works including 41 road works, 14 drainage works, 2 rainwater drainage works and 12 water and light works. He further gave approval to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for outgrowth area development works for the year 2023-24.
Not only this, Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation has approved the allocation of Rs 20.95 crore for 18 works including roads, RCC, paver roads, stormwater pipelines, lake beautification, bridge construction and road stranding in the outskirts of the city.
The Chief Minister gave permission to carry out 21 works in Junagadh under the Golden Jubilee Chief Minister Urban Development Scheme like road and drainage work, road renewal, the footpath on both sides of the main road, paver etc., at a total cost of Rs 17.61 crore.
Jamnagar Municipal Corporation will also be allocated Rs 19.85 crore for 9 development works in outlying areas.
Under the Golden Jubilee Chief Minister Urban Development Scheme, funds are also allocated to cities and towns for the work of physical infrastructure facilities.
CM Bhupendra Patel also allowed Junagadh Municipal Corporation to allocate Rs 59.81 crore for a total of 291 works including roads, drainage, bridge construction as well as streetlights and other works.
Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation is providing physical infrastructure facilities like paver roads, and road widening. Along with road and block paving, Rs 120.48 crore will be allocated for 68 works like drinking water pipeline and supply line, repair of pond-check dam etc.
Apart from this, funds are also allocated from this Golden Jubilee Mukhyamantri Shahri Vikas Yojana for road works in metros and towns under the Mukhyamantri Shahari Sadak Yojana.
Under this scheme, Rs 20.95 crore will be allotted to Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation for 13 road works and Rs 10.40 crore will be allotted to Junagadh Municipal Corporation for 30 such works.
The proposals given by these four municipal corporations to the Urban Development and Urban Housing Department of the State Government came before the Chief Minister and he approved them.
CM Patel also approved the allocation of funds for development works in four metropolitan cities and for the construction of district-level model fire stations in two municipalities.
As a result, Rs 8.91 crore has been approved for the Porbandar-Chhaya Municipality, and Rs 9.64 crore allocated to Kalavad Municipality of Jamnagar district for the construction of a fire station on five thousand square meters of land.


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