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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday recalled the “classic handshake” between US President Joe Biden and Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman, where he quickly draped his own hands over theirs, gaining a lot of traction globally.
On the handshake between the US president and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, PM Modi said he has friendships with both leaders, in an interview with news agency ANI.
“When we work for the global good, there are no personal ifs and buts…you can take the world on board. And my attempt was, tell me how G8 and G20 were born. The issues for which these were formed we should never divert from those issues. And in that, everyone was convinced by me. With some people, I needed to talk personally. I did that too,” the prime minister said.
“We have worked on the IMEC, which is going to be a big game changer like the Silk Route was a game changer. There was a positive and proactive role of the Gulf countries. India got an opportunity to play a good role. The US and Europe were with us. And everyone thought that there would be a concrete, positive outcome. So we used to meet on that,” PM Modi said.
“So there was an opportunity to get the Saudi King and President Biden together, and I have a good friendship with both,” he added.
Secondly, on proving the western media naysayers wrong for the completion of joint G20 declaration, PM Modi said he aimed to surprise everyone by ensuring early completion at the G20 Summit. This was a strategy to counter negative estimations with a successful outcome.
PM Modi said, “I did not want to wait until the last session. I wanted to get it done early which would surprise people. We got the Declaration in the first session on the second day itself. Attempts were made to drag G20 on the basis of negative estimations – I wanted to surprise them by all means. That was my strategy. The strategy was successful and I am happy.”
The greeting between the US President and Saudi crown prince was a sharp contrast to the last time they had met in Saudi Arabia, where Biden awkwardly greeted the crown prince with a fist bump, a moment roundly criticized by human rights activists, who were already upset at Biden’s decision to meet with the Saudi leader.
PM Modi was referring to the recently concluded G20 event, where the prime minister, US President Joe Biden, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman shook hands and warmly greeted each other after they appeared together along with several other leaders at the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment and India Middle East Europe Connectivity Corridor launch event in Delhi.
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