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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: If Congress does not fight BJP effectively, it is bad for the country, said senior CPM leader Prakash Karat.
Speaking at a meet-the press programme here on Monday, Karat said that he was a well-wisher of Congress. “The reality is that in India they are the major opposition party. If they do not fight BJP effectively, it is bad for the country.However, I doubt whether Congress is taking it seriously,” he said.
He substantiated this by stating the candidature of Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad. “We couldn’t understand the political necessity for him to fight for a seat in Kerala. We are fighting a big battle against BJP. Then why have you turned your guns or attention to one of the parties which is along with you in the INDIA alliance?” he asked.
Karat expressed confidence that LDF would completely reverse the 2019 elections results when the front got just one out of 20 seats. “In Kerala, the fight is between LDF and UDF. But we need to look at the pan-India picture too. There is a chance for a broad coalition forming an alternate govt when all major opposition parties have an understanding among them,” said Karat.
The former CPM general secretary flayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for raising communal and religious issues during his campaign instead of issues and policies addressing problems faced by people. “It is not an exaggeration when I say that the 18th Lok Sabha election is not ordinary. This election will determine the future of democracy in India. If Modi comes to power again, it’s goodbye to democracy,” said Karat.
He explained how BJP govt ensured a lack of level-playing field for opposition parties. “Modi believes in a govt without opposition parties. Two chief ministers from opposition parties are in jail and scores of other leaders are also in jail or face probe by central agencies,” he said.

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