‘In my Swiftie era’: After photo with Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer poses with Taylor Swift | Off the field News

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NEW DELHI: Roger Federer recently attended Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour concert in Zurich, where he took a selfie with the pop star and declared himself to be “in my Swiftie era“.
The retired tennis champion was accompanied by his family as they enjoyed the performance at Stadion Letzigrund. Federer, known for his composed demeanour on the tennis court, showed a different side of himself as he immersed in the energetic atmosphere of Swift’s concert.
During the concert, Federer collected friendship bracelets featuring words like ‘Problems’, ‘Hero’, and ‘Wildest’, likely referencing Swift’s songs “Champagne Problems,” “Anti-Hero,” and “Wildest Dreams.”
According to the reports, the Swiss tennis legend also had access to the exclusive ‘Fearless Lounge’ area of the concert venue, which provided a premium experience with closer views of the stage and additional amenities.

His social media post, featuring the selfie with Swift, garnered widespread attention and admiration, showing the crossover appeal between sports and music.
In another instance, Federer recently shared a frame with cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, who expressed his desire to partner with the tennis star in a cricket match.

When asked about his preferred tennis player to bat with, Tendulkar chose Federer, citing his cricketing connections through his South African mother and their shared love for the game. “One tennis player I would love to bat with has to be Roger (Federer) because he has also got cricketing connections. His mother is from South Africa, and he follows cricket. And when we sat together and chatted, we discussed a lot of cricket, not just tennis. So it has to be Roger,” Tendulkar said.
Federer’s recent foray into the world of Taylor Swift and Tendulkar’s wish to team up with him highlight the diverse interests and connections that transcend sports boundaries.

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