India Women drop seven catches against Australia at Wankhede

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0.2, Renuka to Litchfield
looks like a dropped catch! Yup, Amanjot there. Short extra cover dives to her left, and palms the ball wide of mid-off, as Litchfield gets off the mark. The length of this ball was fuller, and the line wider too, as she drove with a flat bat

4.6, Renuka to Litchfield
dropped by Mandhana at mid-off! Initially it seemed that the ball fell short of her, as she dived forward, but it just about landed in her hands, which were low. Litchfield chipped this full delivery landing on off, as it went dipping towards Mandhana. More fortune going Litchfield’s way

7.3, Vastrakar to Litchfield
dropped again! This time by Bhatia at first slip. Litchfield pushed at this length ball angling across towards sixth stump, but got an outside edge. Bhatia juggled the ball twice, and it eventually fell

16.5, Rana to Perry
Rana gets one hand on a tough caught-and-bowled chance! It was flying over her head, she popped her right hand up and it deflected off the fingers to long-off. Fullish ball was looped up at 80ks, Perry charged down and pumped it, replays show that she tried to clobber it but the bat face closed early and it went off the inner-half.

43.2, Deepti to Sutherland
Mandhana drops a sitter at midwicket She was on one foot, was turning to the right, got hands on it and almost held it before the ball popped out. Was a fullish ball outside off, Sutherland tried to whip it but it was shorter than she expected. One hand came off and it ballooned.

47.2, Vastrakar to King
Harman drops it at midwicket, how many is that for the innings? It’s six, confirms Mohandas Menon. Harman lunged on both knees and tried to take it with both hands but it burst in and slid out of the thighs. It was a full ball that was flicked. Grace Harris hides her face but can’t stop the laughter.

48.1, Renuka to King
Seventh drop of the day, Deepti this time! She ran in from deep midwicket, reached it and tried to take it in front. Ball took the fingers but burst through again. It was a length ball on the pad that King heaved across the line


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