Indian Navy’s INS Talwar seizes 940 kgs of narcotics in operation Crimson Barracuda | India News

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NEW DELHI: Indian Naval warship INS Talwa intercepted a suspicious dhow on Monday and apprehended 940 kg narcotics from it. The operation, executed with precision by the ship’s specialist boarding teams and MARCOs (Marine Commandos), resulted in the confiscation of a staggering 940 kilograms of contraband narcotics.
The seized drugs, indicative of illicit trafficking activities in the region, are being disposed of in accordance with the established procedures outlined in the CMF (Combined Maritime Forces) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
This successful interdiction underscores the relentless commitment of the Indian Navy as a key partner within the CMF framework to combat the menace of drug trafficking.
By disrupting the illicit trade networks, the Indian Navy reaffirms its dedication to fostering a drug-free neighborhood, thereby contributing to regional stability and security.
As the Indian Navy continues to play a proactive role in safeguarding the maritime commons, its efforts in Operation Crimson Barracuda serve as a testament to its commitment to promoting a secure and stable maritime environment in the region.
(With inputs from ANI)

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