Inspiring triumph: Visually impaired Ruhin Bhattasali secures seat in IIT’s Computer Science program | India News

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Ruhin Bhattasali, a visually impaired girl from Hyderabad, has secured admission to IIT Hyderabad‘s Computer Science Engineering program, marking a significant achievement in her academic journey.
From a young age, Ruhin’s ambition to excel in academics was apparent. Recognizing her potential, her parents and teachers provided the necessary support and encouragement.Ruhin’s exceptional mental calculation skills in Math and Physics were evident, and her teachers capitalized on these strengths.
Over two years, Ruhin underwent more than 1000 hours of classes, aiming to secure admission to IIT Hyderabad’s prestigious Computer Science Engineering program. Her dedication was evident in her performance in assignments and tests, and her parents’ unwavering support further fueled her progress.
Ruhin’s hard work culminated in her outstanding performance in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams, where she scored close to 99 percentile in JEE Main and 98.2 percent in her CBSE Board exams. Her acceptance into IIT Hyderabad’s Computer Science program brought immense joy and pride to her family, teachers, and the entire community.
In July 2022, Ruhin’s parents sought personalized coaching to cater to her specific needs, turning to PracBee Education. The team at PracBee, led by founder Shival Kathe, then devised a tailored study plan for her, integrating her into a small batch course with personalized classes and focused attention. PracBee’s faculty adapted their teaching methods to facilitate Ruhin’s learning, utilizing technology and specialized resources, including Braille textbooks, audio lessons, and screen reader software. This inclusive learning environment, combined with the dedication of her teachers who provided one-on-one support, played a crucial role in her understanding of complex concepts.
Ruhin’s remarkable journey has also inspired other visually challenged students to overcome obstacles and paved the way for students with similar aspirations.

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