It’s Mannara Chopra vs Munawar Faruqui (Again)

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Bigg Boss 17: It's Mannara Chopra vs Munawar Faruqui (Again)

Mannara Chopra in a still from Bigg Boss 17. (courtesy: colorstv)

New Delhi:

Another day, another argument between Munawar Faruqui-Mannara Chopra in the Bigg Boss house. In the latest promo, released by makers on Instagram, Mannara tells Munawar, “Mereko na tujhse koi problem nahi hai. Par agar vo ladki (Ayesha Khan) badtameeziyaan karegi to mai usko call out karungi. [I don’t have any issues with you. However, if that girl (Ayesha Khan) behaves rudely, I will call her out.]” Munawar responds, “To mai aapko ek cheez batana chahta hu, you don’t make fun of her. Aap mujhe usko defend karne ki vajah se galat nahi bol sakte. [I want to tell you one thing, you don’t make fun of her. You cannot say I am wrong for defending her.] For context, Munawar and Mannara had one too many arguments ever since Ayesha Khan entered the house as a wildcard contestant. 

Mannara Chopra then asks, “Fir aap aagey bhi usko (Ayesha Khan) defend karoge? [Will you (Munawar Faruqui) continue to defend her (Ayesha Khan) in the future as well?]” Munawar holds his ground, asserting, “Jab mujhe lagega ki log usko galat bol rahe hain, to mai usko defend karunga. [When I feel that people are wrongly criticising her, I will defend her.] ”  Mannara, who looks furious, adds, “To fir hamari nibh hi nahi sakti, baat khatam. [So, it seems we cannot agree on this. End of conversation.]”  “Ayesha bann gayi hai do doston ke beech ek barrier. [Ayesha has become a barrier between two friends.] Will Munawar and Mannara become friends again?” read the caption of the video.

In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan slammed Munawar Faruqui for making Mannara Chopra look “needy and desperate” on national television. Salman said, “Mannara ajeeb vibe deti hai. [Mannara gives off a weird vibe.]” Salman then asked Munawar, “Yeh saari cheeze uske muh pe kyu nahi boli gayi? [Why weren’t all these things said directly to her?]” 

Before Munawar Faruqui could respond, Salman Khan intervened, “Ruko ruko Munawar, akele-akele chalne do mujhe aaj. Aapki vajah se Mannara national television par bahut hi needy and desperate lag rahi hain, for attention. [Wait, Munawar, let me handle this alone today. Because of you, Mannara appears very needy and desperate for attention on national television.]”

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