Learn What’s Being Taught in MBA Programs for Just $30

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TL;DR: Learn the important information taught in MBA programs from The Essential 2024 MBA Bundle — its price has dropped to just $30 through January 7.

Whether you want to have your own business or advance more quickly in your company, you don’t necessarily need an MBA. However, you may certainly benefit if you at least learn what they teach in MBA programs. And now you can do exactly that, whenever and wherever you like, with The Essential 2024 MBA Bundle. Best of all, its price has dropped to just $29.97 through January 7.

Competition is fierce, and it’s almost impossible to win any kind of competitive endeavor without some kind of strategy. You can learn 15 powerful strategies to help grow your business, including how to solve problems effectively, create reusable assets and more in Create an Entrepreneurial Mindset that Drives Your Success.

Next, you will want to dive deep into the courses: Create a Strategic Plan That Exponentially Grows Your Business with Judy Whalen and Mini MBA: Business Strategy Consulting. This bundle then gives you a masterclass on how to succeed financially with Corporate Finance & Investment Decisions. It covers risk management, handling financial difficulties and so much more.

Don’t let anyone try to tell you email marketing is dead; it’s still one of the most effective marketing tools available, so Mailchimp Email Marketing Essentials Training is another essential course. Of course, the other marketing modules are valuable as well: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube for Digital Marketing and Develop & Control Your Personal Brand. New AI-powered marketing tools can probably help you with that, too.

In Scheduling of Operations, you’ll learn about operation design and planning, efficiently allocating resources and lean production methods in modern global markets. Other courses include Promoting Employee Wellness, Comprehensive Leadership Toolkit, plus Team Management & Business Leadership Masterclass.

These courses are offered by SkillSuccess, a leading e-learning company with more than 2,000 video courses online.

Get The Essential 2024 MBA Bundle while the price has been dropped to $29.97 through January 7, no coupon required.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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