Starting with Wednesday paid previews and then four day extended weekend from Thursday to Sunday, Maidaan has crossed Rs. 22 crores mark and currently stands at 22.22 crores. The film was reasonably okay on paid preview shows when Rs. 2.25 crores came in. Though that too was much below expectations, it was still some sort of a start. However, it was collections that came on Eid that hit the hardest and numbers stayed at the Rs. 5 crores mark.

For a film with some of the best reviews that have been seen in last so many months, and that too fell all quarters, it was indeed a jolt and a shocking one at that. Furthermore, it was all the more disheartening when collections dropped massively on Saturday with just 2.80 crores coming in. Hence, all eyes were on whether the film would be able to recover from something like this. Honestly, from this point on everything was anyway going to be in an upward direction but then there have been a lot more unprecedented and shocking things that have happened in the past due to which one could never be too sure.

That’s the reason why there was some respite when collections doubled up on Saturday and stood at 5.65 crores. It was also the best day for the film and now the collections had added on top of the (full-fledged) opening day, which was at Rs 5 crores. With such a good jump coming in, one couldn’t have expected the story to be repeated on Sunday, and hence a nominal increase in footfalls was on the cards. This is what happened too as 6.52 crores came in, something that put the overall total past the Rs. 22 crores mark. What has to be seen is what happens from here since the overall numbers are still quite low, though momentum has started coming in. If that continues to be on the film’s side from today onwards as well then you never know, a miracle could be there on the cards for the Ajay Devgn starrer.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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