Man found dead near Army firing range, 3rd case in month | India News

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MEERUT: A 62-year-old man was found dead near Badkala firing range in UP’s Saharanpur district on Friday. The man, identified as Ghulam Mustafa, died due to “excessive blood loss” amid an Army practice session, police said on Saturday. Mustafa, who belonged to Van Gujjar community, was living “illegally” in a thatched hut in Badkala forest, near the range, reports Krishna Chaudhary.
SP (Rural, Saharanpur), Sagar Jain, said, “The cause of Mustafa’s death remains unclear. The preliminary postmortem report says that he suffered pelvic fracture and severe bruises in the back. He probably fell on his back while trying to run away from the firing exercise and died due to blood loss from the bruises.”
Notably, this is the third such incident in a month in the region. On December 14, Hanif Ahmed, 11, also from the Van Gujjar community, died while trying to dismantle an explosive material secured from a nearby firing range, about 2km away from home at Mirzapur in Saharanpur. On November 29, a 37-year-old scrap dealer, Mohd Tauseef, died when a misfired shell – from a different firing range – which he was trying to dismantle, exploded in his shop in Meerut’s Amheda village.


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