Multi-lingual poetry meet in Belagavi

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Rostrum Diaries and Belagavi Book Club organised a multi-lingual poetry recital session at the Sapna Book Stall in Belagavi recently.

This was part of the monthly event, Poets of Belagavi. Writers, young and old, men and women, read poetry in various languages, including English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu.

Author Marie Raghavan shared her thoughts on the importance of such gatherings in fostering literary and artistic creativity.

Founder Abhishek Bendigeri said that year-long events are being organised by the two associations to nurture creative writers of the region.

He said that the book club is community driven and the venue is being rotated on a monthly basis to allow residents of various regions participate. Interested people can follow the Rostrum Diaries and the Belagavi Book Club on social media handles or the website,, or visit the Sapna Book Stall for updates.

The organising team included Aishwarya Raikar, Anoop Betageri, Sourabh Deshpande, Sakshi, Sumeet Arya, Henry, Nitish Sungad, Shradha Hiremath, Siddita, Karthik and Saumya.

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