Musk: SpaceX may have fired employees for calling Elon Musk an “embarrassment”

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Elon Musk has actually fired employees on Twitter — at least that’s what it was known then — for disagreements or being critical. But that was early days of his acquisition when all hell was breaking loose around the company. The firings — on Twitter and otherwise — did eventually stop. However, now a report has emerged which suggests that SpaceX, a Musk-owned company, fired employees for being critical of their supremo. According to a report by Reuters, the National Labour Relations Board has accused SpaceX of unlawfully firing eight employees for circulating a letter calling founder and CEO Elon Musk a “distraction and embarrassment.” The agency complained that SpaceX has violated the workers’ rights under federal labour law to band together and advocate for better working conditions.
It was in June 2022, when the employees in question sent a letter to SpaceX executives. The employees referred to a bunch of tweets that Musk had posted and said they were sexually suggestive. The employees felt that Musk’s statements were not in line with SpaceX’s policies on workplace conduct and wanted the company to condemn them.
NLRB, in its complaint, has alleged that once the letter was sent SpaceX executives interrogated the works and disparaged them. Furthermore, other works were giving sacking threats if they indulged in similar activities.
What comes next?
According to the report, SpaceX has the chance of settling the case. However, if it doesn’t settle the case then an administrative judge will hear the case. The judge’s decision can be appealed to the board and then to a federal appeals court. The first hearing is scheduled for March 5 and it does look like the employees maybe in for a long haul if the company doesn’t settle.
Also, if the NLRB finds that SpaceX had violated labour law, the agency can order the employees’ reinstatement with back pay. Furthermore, SpaceX could be liable for stricter penalties in future cases.

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