Nagzira tigress who lost tracker collared again | India News

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NAGPUR: Forest department captured and replaced the collar of tigress NT-3 on Monday morning. The collar had dropped and NT-3 was untraceable for three days after its translocation to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary on April 11. Foresters had shifted the 18-month-old sub-adult female, born to Tadoba National Park‘s dominating tigress Roma (T-114), from Katezari to Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve (NNTR), under the conservation translocation project.
They were apprehensive the tigress removed the collar 12 hours after its release in NNTR. The tracking team learned about it the next day, when they received mortality signals. When a team reached the spot, it found the collar was active and lying on the ground but the tigress was missing. Forest department then launched a search to track the big cat and finally traced it to the Pongezara area inside the park on April 14.
Ever since, foresters kept a close watch on NT-3’s movement. A team from Tadoba Monday fitted the collar back on the tigress.

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