Priyamani On Being Trolled Over Inter-Faith Marriage To Mustafa Raj: “It Did Affect Me”

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Priyamani shared this image. (courtesy: pillumani)

New Delhi:

Actress Priyamani has had a great slate of projects recently. From films like Jawan and Maidaan to shows such as Family Man, the actress appears to be at the top of her game. In a recent interview with Galatta India, Priyamani opened up about her professional and personal journey over the years. Opening up about her interfaith marriage with Mustafa Raj, the actress said that the trolling she was subjected to at the time took a toll on her and her family. Priyamani said, “To be honest, it did affect me. Not only me per se but my family also, especially my father and mother. But I have to say my husband stood by me as a rock. He said, ‘Look, whatever happens, I will let everything come to me first. But all I would say is hold my hand and be with me through every step.’”

Priyamani further said: “Because right at the time we were seeing each other, I had also faced a lot of rumours. I had told him the same thing, ‘Stand by me and trust me.’ Because we have taken the step together and decided to spend the rest of our lives. So come hail, come storm, come sunshine, we will walk the path together. I am very happy that I got such an understanding and strong partner.”

“It did upset me but at that time I wasn’t in Mumbai, I was in Bangalore with my husband. We took care of everything and didn’t let it hinder my parents also. We just asked them to not bother much because it’s us at the end of the day. We told them, ‘The two of us will handle it. Just give us your blessings and support us like you always have.’ And, their blessings and prayers have taken us a long way,” she added.

In an earlier interview with Galatta Plus, Priyamani revealed why she was not working with A-listers in the South industry despite winning a National Award. About this, she said: “I have also wondered why I was not cast alongside A-listers. I think the question is still unanswered. It should be asked of the directors and producers. In all honesty, I am not trying to find fault with anybody, but I have heard from a lot of people that they don’t want to cast me opposite them or along with them or in the film because probably of the fact that ‘I might eat them up’. This is the thing I have been hearing. I know it is not true, but I still don’t know what the exact reason is. But that’s okay. Whatever the reason is, I am absolutely fine. I am very happy and content with where I am.”

Priyamani plays a pivotal role opposite Ajay Devgn in Maidaan, which is currently running in theatres.

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