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AGRA: Prof. Qudsia Tahseen, Department of Zoology at Aligarh Muslim University has been named as the National Committee representative for the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS), announced by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA). Commencing her three-year term on January 1 this appointment emphasizes Prof. Qudsia’s contributions to the fields of Taxonomy and Biodiversity. She has the distinction of holding fellowships in all three prestigious National Academies
The IUBS, founded in 1919, is a global non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating and coordinating biological research worldwide. Its mission spans diverse areas, with the goal of addressing global biological challenges. Prof. Qudsia’s appointment to the newly formed INSA National Committee for IUBS, consisting of seven experts, solidifies her role as a representative for India in the realm of biological sciences.
Prof. Qudsia while acknowledging her appointment said the committee, serving as the national arm of IUBS, is pivotal in advancing IUBS initiatives at a domestic level. This includes policy advocacy, tackling global challenges, setting research priorities, fostering collaborations, and promoting the sustainable use of biological resources.

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