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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his “appetizer” remarks at an election rally, alleging that India has seen record-breaking unemployment and inflation under the NDA government. Rahul Gandhi said people who have “tasted” these issues will get the “main course” in 2047.

PM Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi(File)

Rahul Gandhi, in an X post, said PM Modi was telling people who have tasted “appetizers” such as “record breaking” unemployment and “back-breaking” inflation that he will serve the “main course” in 2047.

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The Congress MP’s swipe was in reference to Modi’s comments at rallies recently that the work he has done in the last 10 years is just an “appetizer” and the “main course” is yet to come.

Posting on X in Hindi, the former Congress president said, “Record-breaking unemployment, back-breaking inflation, farmers martyred due to debt burden and government repression, helpless laborers, tortured traders, the weakest rupee in history against the dollar and the world’s biggest corruption ‘electoral bond’.”

Rahul Gandhi further said on the social media platform, “Narendra Modi is telling the people, who have tasted all these ‘appetizers’, that in 2047 he will serve ‘main course’.”

Attacking Modi over his pitch for electing a strong and stable government, the Congress on Monday said this Lok Sabha election is for electing a strong and stable government, not for re-electing a “demagogue”.

The Congress also attacked Modi for his remarks on the electoral bonds scheme during an interview with news agency ANI, calling the scheme “institutionalised corruption”.

Congress leader Manish Tewari said on Monday, “When the electoral bonds were introduced in 2017, we completely opposed it because there was no transparency in it. The Supreme Court’s decision confirms that the electoral bond scheme was opaque. In this case, both the person, taking the money and the person giving it were not known. It has been proven by the decision of the Supreme Court that on one side go ED and CBI and on the other side come electoral bonds.”

Modi addressed a poll rally in Bihar’s Gaya on Tuesday where he made multiple attacks on the Congress-led INDIA bloc, dubbing them the “Ghamandiya Ganthbandhan” and accusing them of taking credit for their party’s work.

The prime minister said in Bihar, “‘Ghamandia Gathbandhan’ has no vision or trust. When they go on asking for votes, then do so on the work done by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. Entire Bihar knows why they try and take credit for the work done by Nitish ji and the central govt.”

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