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NEW DELHI: In the wake of a disturbing trend of violent attacks targeting Indian students in the US, resulting in tragic fatalities, external affairs minister S Jaishankar said on Monday that such cases are unconnected but certainly a big concern for the government.
Jaishankar said that while some students were murdered over personal issues, others were victims of accidents.
Speaking to reporters, he underscored the government’s proactive stance in addressing these incidents, saying, “Obviously, in every case, wherever anything unfortunate has happened to the students, it is of great tragedy for the family, and a big concern for us but…our embassy or consulate has looked at every case and they’re actually unconnected.”
Expressing the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of Indian students abroad, Jaishankar outlined measures taken by embassies to keep students informed and vigilant.
He highlighted the importance of ongoing communication with students to caution them, particularly about unsafe areas in cities.
With an estimated 11 to 12 lakh Indian students residing in various countries, ensuring their welfare remains a top priority for the Indian government.
“Student welfare is very important. Like I said, every Indian going out, you have Modi’s guarantee. Student welfare is particularly important for us,” Jaishankar affirmed, emphasizing the government’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding the interests and well-being of Indian students pursuing education abroad.
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